Best Traffic Monitoring Tools

15 Best Traffic Monitoring Tools of 2021!

Traffic monitoring tools are like the result sheet of your website or blog which show how much traffic your site is getting on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Running a website without any traffic monitoring tool is like blindly driving a car; in which case you don’t even know how much distance you have covered, where are you right now, in which direction your destination is etc.

This article will introduce you with the best traffic analytic tools or traffic monitoring tools whatever you prefer to say, which are ranging from free tools to premium one with advanced features.

List of Best Traffic Monitoring Tools

#1. Clicky


Was expecting Google Analytics on the first spot? Oops, that’s on the 2nd spot of this article for few reasons. Let’s talk about Clicky in this section because this is by far the BEST traffic monitoring tool considering features, affordability and user experience. This is one of those few tools that I do use every single day because I love to see traffic flooding through out my sites.

Clicky is not the free one in this list but the most affordable one that has very high end and premium features. Mostly, I love how organized it’s dashboard is. You can enjoy advanced features like heat map, traffic flow, detail information of each visitor, compare traffic within any timeline, avoid spammy traffic counts etc.

Don’t take my words, just try out Clicky for 30 days which is completely free and they won’t even ask you to add any payment methods within this time period.

#2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Aha! Here comes world’s most popular traffic monitoring tool from Google itself. I admit this is one of the most powerful traffic analytics out there which is free but sadly the dashboard of Google analytic needs improvement for better user experience.

I don’t think, it’s needed to explain more about this tool because it’s pretty commonly used by most of the site owners. You can track all types of traffic using this single tool and can have very specific information about traffic sources and visitors via Google Analytics.

#3. GoSquared


GoSquared is pretty high end traffic analytics and live chat support based tool to provide the best user experience to your website visitors. This service is used by some of the world’s top brands like J.P.Morgan, Whole Foods, Dell, Canon, General Electrics etc.

Hopefully you got it, that GoSquared is not just a traffic monitoring tools, its kind of a complete customer acquisition and support system. If you have service based website then give it a try with the free plan.

#4. StatCounter


StatCounter is one of the oldest traffic monitoring tools out there which was first registered in 2000. This tools is primarily focused on analyzing the traffic and finding out ways to increase engagements and leads by improving user experience.

StatCounter is used to track visitors of over 2 million websites and has a 30 days to free trial so that anyone can have a insider look of this awesome traffic analytic tool.

#5. Matomo


Matomo is a complete visitor monitoring tool that comes with some advanced features like A/B testing, funneling, session recording along with all the usual features for tracking every single visitor of your website.

#6. W3Counter


Love to see all the data via colorful visual presentation? Then W3Counter would be the best traffic monitoring software for you. You can have in depth data of visitors in visual form via this amazing looking dashboard of W3Counter.

In addition, this tool provides widgets for pop up, top sticky bar, opt-in form, social follow button etc. which makes this tool even powerful and separates from the usual traffic analytics tools.

#7. Stetic


Stetic is know as all-in-one traffic analytics and engagements tracker which allows you to track even the call to actions driven by the visitors. If you have a big project and need to share the data with many people then Stetic can be a good choice. On the top of that, this traffic monitoring tool has pretty cool looking dashboard which is easy to understand.

#8. Histats


This is one of the best free traffic analytics tools after Google Analytics. I have used this tool for a year before switching to Clicky and had good experience. However, Histats can’t detect the spam traffic or specific events but works pretty good for visitor tracking.

#9. Web-Stat


Web-Stat has the ability to track your site’s traffic at micro level for each visitor. What I loved about this tool is, you can get exact location of your visitor along with time, source referrer, device etc. If your website is local client or buyer targeted then this might be the analytic tool you are looking for.


This traffic monitoring software is focused on providing high end solution for business entities rather than individuals. This tool can not only track visitors but also do A/B testing, provide feedbacks, track events, can use mathematical formulas and so on. Though Countly is designed for enterprise level users but you can try out it’s forever free plan to see if it suits for your business or not.

#11. Cyfe


Cyfe likes to call itself a business dashboard rather than just a traffic analytics tool due to it’s funnel tracking system. If your website is built for lead generation or sale conversion then Cyfe is the complete solution to track the growth of your business. You can manage everything from traffic, social engagement, sales, leads, clients, marketing events, projects etc. using this single and complete system.

#12. OpenWebAnalytics

Open Web Analytics

This is the only Open Source traffic analytics tool of this entire list. Honestly, I am happy to find and include an open source traffic tracker because if you are a programmer you can have great advantage by doing modification of this tool and use it on your own way. It’s a simple PC based traffic monitoring software that you have to install on your device and can modify for your solo purpose.

#13. QuillEngage


Love Google Analytics, but need better user experience and data visualization? Then QuillEngage is the perfect answer for you. This traffic analytics is a nice cover up which is built on Google Analytics data. So, in short you are getting data from Google Analytics but getting way more better visualization just like the high end traffic trackers.

#14. Inspectlet


Inspectlet is more than just a traffic tracking tool which is equipped with advanced features like heat map, A/B testing, session recording, trend analyzer etc. This tool is mainly effective if you are selling services or products via your website.

#15. Piwik.Pro


This might be the most powerful tool of this list which has deep expertise on data analyzing. If you have websites with vast traffic and want to analyze the traffic for better ROI then surely try out Piwik Pro. This tool is mostly developed for enterprise level users and designed to be used in any industry.

Finally I am done with presenting the best traffic monitoring tools which ranges from personal usage to enterprise level usage. Based on your projects, websites and team size select the perfect analytic tool for you. All of these are free to try, so instead of thinking you can use the tools for few hours and get your own experience.

I am always interest to know about your real life experience with traffic analytic tools. Share your feedback and opinion with me and the community via comment section.


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