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11 Killer Twitter Traffic Generation Methods that Work in 2022!

Twitter is one of the top social media networks having over 330 million active users. Though this social platform lags behind Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, Instagram in terms of the number of users, it plays the most important role when it comes to spreading news.

Almost all the big brands, popular celebrities, powerful politicians, top CEOs have Twitter account where they make important announcements. On the top of that, Google directly fetches data from Twitter and able to rank tweets in the search results which makes this platform important in terms of SEO as well.

Twitter traffic became the most important type of traffic for businesses and brands which allows them to spread news and get instant attention from people all around the world. This article is all about how you can drive traffic from Twitter and improve your online based business, eCommerce store or personal blog.

Best Twitter Traffic Generation Methods

#1. Optimize Profile

Twitter profile is like your face on this platform which represents you, your business or your blog. Hence, it is the most important task to make sure you are well groomed in front of 330 million individuals and businesses. Put a nice profile picture, set a twitter cover, write something eye catching in the description part and put a hashtag (#) before the keywords. Then add your birth date, add your website’s link and in case you want you can change the color of the theme that goes with your website’s core color scheme.

BOOM! you are dressed up to join the party of 330 million from all around the world.

#2. Tweeting consistently

It says that, “Consistency is the Key to Success.”

Same rule goes for tweeting on Twitter as well. No one would like to follow you if you are not actively sharing information related to your industry or topic. You would also need to retweet, reply, message through DM etc. consistently, in order to establish your twitter profile as a real and authentic account.

If there is no activities in your account for long time, Twitter may detect is as a spam account and remove it. Surprised? Twitter already did such thing in 2018 by removing 9 million profiles.

#3. Proper use of Hashtags

Hashtags are like Samurai sword for Twitter. You can reach thousands of eye balls just by using the right hashtag at the right time. This is something MUST HAVE for every tweet you will make on Twitter.

You can use tools like HashTagify for searching the trendy or most used hashtags on your topic. I would recommend to use 3-5 hashtags on each post to make your tweet look better and reach maximum amount of people within your industry. The more people will see your tweet the more traffic you will get from Twitter to your site.

Pro Tips: Use the hashtag #ReTweet which makes the kindest twitter users retweet your tweet.

#4. Tweeting rich medias

Rich medias such as images or videos are preferred by maximum number of people as by nature we like to consume visual information more than textual information.

So, you can occasionally tweet images or video related to your website, brand or blog which will increase your user engagement as well as drive more traffic to your website.

#5. Don’t be Selfish

Unless you are a big brand like CocaCola, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz, IKEA, NYTimes etc. (which you are not, else why would you read this post) you should tweet blog posts, articles, images etc from other websites of your niche.

Sharing other website’s content will make them do the same and will help your profile to gain more authority and trust from your followers. If users trust you more, they are more likely to click on the links of your tweets. This is how you will get high quality traffic which will stay for long time on your site and improve your dwell time which is one of the core SEO ranking factors for Google.

In case you think, it will consume huge time to find out great articles of your niche then try out ContentStudio, it will help you to discover great contents in your niche which you can be shared on your social profiles.

#6. Following potential active users

You can’t drive traffic to your website without having a pool of followers. Hence you need to work very hard on getting as much followers as you can.

Every trade in this world follows a simple rule, “Give and Take”. You need to follow first to get followers on Twitter. I would recommend to follow only people who are related to your topic or industry. You can follow 8-10 profiles every hour which is considered very safe. Following vast amount of profile within short time may ban your account due to spam act. So, be careful.

Abide by below rules in order to get the max out of your following strategy:

  • Visit brands, personalities or any tweeter profile that’s highly related to yours.
  • Check out the most recent tweet, see if it’s made within last 3 days or not.
  • If the tweet is made within last 3 days then follow the people who replied, retweeted or favorited the tweet.
  • You can unfollow the non-active profiles once a month or week. I don’t support unfollowing immediately after few days.

#7. Using direct messages

This is a great tool to get involved personally and drive almost sure traffic from Twitter. Send a thank you message to your new followers along with presenting what you have to offer in a friendly way not like a sales man.

You can also start with praising their website or business (if they have) to get more involved and start a long term relation.

#8. Cross Promotion

This can be a Bomb if you can use it in a right way. Find out 50 to 100 twitter profiles that are similar but not direct competitor of your business, brand or blog and pitch them an offer to promote each other for a win-win result.

Most of the Twitter users will easily agree for such deal as it’s pretty easy to make a tweet. However, you need to make sure you are approaching the right profile with right message. Suppose you have 1000 followers, in this case pitching to a profile that has 80,000 followers may not work. Hence you need to finds out profiles that have similar number of followers as yours.

#9. Using Short links

Twitter is a short content based social media hence every character counts. It’s better to shorten your links using,, etc. URL shortener services before tweeting them on Twitter. Moreover, short tweets tend to get more attention and clicks.

#10. Scheduling for peak hours

Every social platform has it own peak hours which varies from country to country. In the same way, every profile has it’s own peak hour based on the followers it has. You need to find out the best hours for your profile when most of your followers are active. Then, schedule your important posts for those hours for higher engagements and to drive most amount of traffic to your website.

Twitter default Analytics

There are plenty of tools that will help you to analyze and find out the best time to tweet. Some of those are pretty expensive and some are shitty, hence I would recommend to use Twitter Analytic which is both free and accurate but does’t not comes with detail information.

#11. Run Automation

Do you know that, you can be a ONE MAN ARMY and can run hundreds of Twitter profiles at the same time. How the heck is that possible? Answer is Automation.

Automation will help you to post amazing tweets actively through your Twitter profile from both your website and other websites of your niche. This is how you can gain more trust, followers and traffic without even logging into your account.

ContentStudio is my best answer for Automation. I would call it a ONE TOOL ARMY that can discover, schedule, post, repost contents on your behalf. Don’t take my words, try it by yourself for free and you will get the answer.

Remember, one table leg can not hold up a table. It requires 4 table legs to make a complete stable table that can be used. Same thing goes for Twitter Traffic, you can not expect to get more traffic from Twitter just by following few above mentioned hacks.

Some hacks may seem irrelevant which has nothing related to driving traffic, may be that’s important to get more followers. More followers will eventually result in more traffic for your website or blog.

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