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8 Best Print On Demand Blogs of 2022 (Learn and Grow)

Print On Demand is one of the hottest online-based business models right now!

This business model showed us that anyone can start a merchandise shop and sell his or her uniquely designed products. It also has introduced very creative and never seen before designs on apparel. Due to the lucrative profit margin, lots of individuals are now trying to sell T-Shirts, Hoodies, Pants etc. with his or her design on it.

However, due to the shortage of resources many beginners are not finding enough credible sources to learn about the POD business model. To solve this issue at some point, I am sharing the best Print On Demand blogs from where any beginner can start to learn and grow his POD business.

#1. TeeSpring Blog

TeeSpring is one of the largest complete Print On Demand platforms that’s open for all to join, create and sell wearable stuffs. The best part is, this platform comes with an awesome community blog where you can read about new trends, selling methods, T-Shirt marketing strategy, successful case studies, and so on.

#2. Michael Essek

Michael Essek is an expert mind on Print On Demand business who is selling T-Shirts since 2013. He has expertise in both designing and marketing which gave him an advantage over other POD business owners. His blog is completely dedicated to the POD business model revealing his secrets, experiments, valuable resources as well as exclusive interviews with other successful sellers.

#3. Printify Blog

Printify is one of the largest POD product designing and fulfillment companies that can be integrated with all the major store builders such as Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay, Wix etc. The blog section of Printify contains cool tricks to do research about T-Shirts, step by step guides, upcoming trends, marketing strategies, and more.

#4. Printful Blog

Don’t get confused! It’s Printful. In terms of size Printful is even bigger POD product designing and fulfillment company than Printify. It also can be integrated with all the major store builders. You can finds lot’s of super valuable articles on marketing, designing, trends, tools and so on; in the blog section of Printful.

#5. Passive Shirt Profits

Lisa is one of the restless online entrepreneur. I know about her from the beginning of my online journey as she used to provide tutorials on website development and monetization. From last few years she is mainly focusing on POD business and became quite successful. Her blog is a nice combination of written articles, podcasts and videos.

#6. Greg Gottfried

Greg Gottfried mainly creates video-based content for POD enthusiasts. He discusses about very detailed stuffs on each POD platform that you have may face. His blog posts are actually the videos that he has published on his YouTube channel.

#7. Merch Informer Blog

Merch Informer is mainly a research tool for Merch by Amazon business. However, it’s blog section is kind of gold mine as it contains successful case studies, tricks to avoid trademark issue, writing good titles and other tricks that may help you to grow your T-Shirt sales on Amazon.

#8. TeeSpy Blog

TeeSpy is a spying tool that works best for TeeSpring and some other POD platforms. Though you may not find direct link to the blog section from the home page of TeeSpy, its filled with super valuable information. Articles on latest trends, new marketing strategies, spying techniques, guides on running campaigns will definitely help you to fasten your journey on POD business track.

It’s pretty hard to find out resourceful Print On Demand blogs that will help the beginners. Hope my attempt to make your journey faster by locating and listing these blogs will not go in vain.

Expecting a simple favor from you, spread this article with your other POD business enthusiast friends.

In case I have missed any good and helpful blog on Print On Demand topic then please do inform me via comment section so that I can add that to my list upon next update.

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