Traffic Masters Review

Traffic Masters Review 2022: What’s the Reality?

Started in 2012 and still remaining a master of traffic is not that easy as it takes lots of changes and new technology adaptation on the way. This article on Traffic Masters review will reveal some strange information about this popular traffic provider. Interestingly, this network also works on content creation, SEO, display advertising just like a digital service agency which seemed pretty strange to me.

Let’s get into Traffic Masters review

Before going into in depth review let me explain why this traffic network is pretty strange. This network itself publishes article on SEO, again it says not to go for SEO as it takes long time. Few reviews mentioned that the service is excellent but gave 3 star rating to this network which is fishy. It can send both premium traffic and adult traffic which doesn’t works in the same way. Last but not the least, on the home page of Traffic Masters it written that its premium network includes “Over 365 Unique Visitors Per Month”. What the heck that means?

Despite having such strange issues let’s dive into Traffic Masters review guide which is based on my own research of 3 hours.

Traffic Volume

Nothing clearly mentioned about the traffic it can generate but the highest limited per project is 500,000 visits per 7 days. Based on my research about active projects and the number of users Traffic Masters is able to deliver over 100 million traffic per month. Which is pretty good considering one of the popular traffic networks.

Type and Quality of Traffic

As mentioned on the home page, Traffic Masters has solution for all types of websites and apps based on purpose. In one hand you can have highly prohibited adult traffic, again this same network can send you premium traffic which is safe for Adsense and will show up on Analytics. You can also get Alexa traffic and Social traffic which must be of pretty high quality.

Most importantly, Traffic Masters can send you re-visitors which is pretty important and considered as a quality metrics.

Pricing and Plans

There is no monthly subscription based plan on Traffic Masters but you can start with as low as $7 for 2,500 regular type of traffic. Depending on the traffic type you can order one time traffic plan of 500,000 at max (for regular and adult traffic) and can send the traffic for 120 days.

It’s pretty strange that, despite such high mobile internet users in the world the supply of Adult traffic is 10 times larger than mobile traffic.

Control Over Traffic

Traffic Masters review and Control

Control is where Traffic Masters claims to be the king and that’s true in a sense because the traffic variation it has is pretty good. You can control your traffic with 600 targeting options which ranged from device type, country, session, duration, ad type, social network etc.

However, sad part is you can buy a traffic plan for a single URL and the country is limited to US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy and Spain.

User Experience

Honestly, I din’t like much the way I have to purchase a traffic plan. The design of this website requires improvement both in terms of look and usability. So, my suggestion for Traffic Masters is to improve the website’s home page, user dashboard and pricing section.

Customer Support

Support is average and the knowledge base it has can be of good use when you are in trouble. It’s better to solve the issue using the information from it’s F.A.Q database rather than waiting for several hours (even days) for getting response from the support team of Traffic Masters.

Payment Methods

Payment is where this network showed it’s strength. Traffic Masters accepts all major cards via Stripe as well as most popular payment gateway PayPal. In addition, crypto currency users are most welcome to pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Finally I am done with this Traffic Masters review article which took good amount of time and brain work as most of the information weren’t so easy to grab about this network.

Anyways, share your experience with any traffic generating network as it will help me to improve my reviews.

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