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RankBoostUp Review 2022: Does it Really Work?

Rank is what most of the website owners look for when it comes to compare the quality and performance of a website. In this RankBoostUp review article you will get to know this tool from the root. Though it started in 2015 as an ordinary traffic provider but now it’s focused on delivering the real result.

Let’s start RankBoostUp review

Traffic Volume

Your door to millions of traffic starts with 100 free hits to your website which is a nice gift from RankBoostUp. This network actually started in 2007 with a different name (changed to RankBoostUp in 2015) and within this huge time period it has developed pretty strong infrastructure which is able to generate over 200 million traffic per month.

This amount of traffic is surely enough to tell you that RankBoostUp is a real thing and knows well what it does.

Type and Quality of Traffic

This is where RankBoostUp stepped up and moved way ahead of the competitors. You can have traffic from different devices of your choice which is rare in such traffic networks. In addition, all other features like GEO targeted traffic, low bounce rate, long duration, smart notification etc are available to give you what you need. On the top of that, social services like YouTube views, Facebook likes, Instagram followers etc. are ready for you by RankBoostUp.

You can easily improve Alexa rank, SimilarWeb rank and other 3rd party ranking metrics by purchasing high quality traffic from this network.

Pricing and Plans

From low to high budget projects; RankBoostUp has designed it’s traffic packages for all, which start at only $10 for 12,000 minutes of visit which can give you up to 72,000 hits. You can also choose to be a Premium member at only $10 per month, which will grant you access to all the advanced features that RankBoostUp has to offer.

RankBoostUp Review and Pricing

(RankBoostUp is Broken)

Control Over Traffic

As you already know about the quality of traffic of this network, surely it’s a sign of high control over your traffic. You can control the traffic sources, devices, countries, duration, number hits per hour, bounce rate and most interestingly keywords for which you want to rank your website.

I think that’s enough to say, “You are 100% in control of your traffic with RankBoostUp traffic tool.”

User Experience

RankBoostUp tried to give you control of all the features right from a single dashboard and they successfully did it. Due to having so many features, dashboard may look little bit compact at first glance but right after 10 minutes you will be very comfortable with the interface.

Minimalist design, simple colors and organized tab are what made the dashboard so useful and easy to understand.

Customer Support

Frankly saying, I never faced any trouble with RankBoostUp which may require to contact with the customer support team. Hence, I can’t give you my own experience based feedback.

However, one of that tabs is fully dedicated for you to get support from the expert team behind this traffic network. Thus, you are being ensured of very responsive and helpful support from the team of RankBoostUp.

Payment Methods

Paying for your traffic packages or monthly premium plan is very fast and easy with RankBoostUp due to having both Paypal and BitCoin as the payment method. Though it lacks VISA and MasterCard but I don’t think anyone will prefer to pay via Cards over PayPal.

(RankBoostUp is Broken)

We just came to the end of this RankBoostUp review article and now it’s your turn to take action based on what you have perceived while you were reading this article.

My comment section is open for you as I am interested to know about your experience with any kind of traffic network that you have used till now.

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