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Buy Alexa Traffic in 2021 (3 Untapped Sources)

Need more credibility for your website? Want to rank higher your site on Alexa metrics? Chill, you just need Alexa toolbar enabled traffic and that’s pretty easy to get.

That’s why I have written this helpful guide on how to buy Alexa traffic from reliable sources and at best possible price. Day by day expense of buying high quality traffic is sky rocketing due to massive competition. On the top of that, there are many online scammers who are taking away money by providing poor or false services. This single article will not only save your money but also give you the result you deserve.

Let’s improve Alexa rank of your website, blog, eCommerce store or landing page with the help of Alexa verified traffic which will result in greater rank and high authority.

Buy Alexa Traffic at Best Price

1. SparkTraffic

SparkTraffic has proved that, it’s by far the best traffic network to buy high quality and targeted traffic. There is no exception when it comes to buy Alexa traffic from this fastest growing network, which serves over a BILLION traffic ever month.

Buy Alexa Traffic from SparkTraffic

Best part about SparkTraffic is, you can get local Alexa traffic from any country you want. On the top of that, you are getting Total Moneyback Guarantee on your purchase of traffic package from this trusted traffic network.

In addition, you are guaranteed to get traffic that will show up on your Google Analytics and will work safely for your Adsense monetization. Thinking about how to pay for these packages? Don’t worry, SparkTraffic accepts BitCoin, Ethereum, direct bank transfer along with traditional payment methods like MasterCard, VISA card and PayPal.

2. Babylon Traffic

Babylon Traffic is another master in driving massive amount of visitors from every corner of the world. By default, all the Babylon traffic comes from Alexa tool enabled browser, hence choosing the country and monthly plan are the only two tasks you need to do.

Buy Alexa Traffic from BabylonTraffic

You can start with as low as $9.9 per month for 300 daily visits and pageviews which comes will full Geo location control. Willing to try out this network without paying? Just get registered and you will be offered a welcome gift of 50 free visits along with detail information of session duration, bounce rate, source and country.

3. TargetedWebTraffic

Here comes my another choice for buying Alexa rank improving traffic. This network will give you choice of both the amount of traffic and the duration of getting the traffic even without signing up. You can drive visitors from 50+ countries for improving Alexa rank in specific region.

Buy Alexa Traffic from TargetedWebTraffic

Though most of the stuffs are pretty good about this network, it has few flows. Some specific types of sites are not allowed to get traffic including websites with popups which is a major flow as most of the blogs use popups to collect Email leads and eCommerce stores use popups to show latest deals.

Another flow is you can buy one traffic package for one site or URL. You can’t buy a package and use it to drive traffic to multiple websites which you can do with both SparkTraffic and BabylonTraffic.

As you already know the importance of better Alexa Rank, I won’t be wasting your time by repeating those benefits. However, my suggestion for you is to double check the result that you are expecting to get no matter which service you are using to get Alexa traffic.

Improved Alexa rank of your website is what matters to both of us after going through this article. Let me know your experience with these above mentioned traffic networks as well as share this article with your friends or webmasters who you think need to read this piece of content.


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