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Buy Organic Traffic and Rank Faster in 2022!

Traffic is what websites fight for on Search Engine Result Pages. Getting more organic traffic is the target of every business-focused website and they are constantly fighting for the top spot on Google. In order to get an advantage you can buy organic traffic and get your top spot faster than ever.

As we know, Click Through Rate (CTR) is an important ranking factor that Google uses to determine user experience and the good news is you can increase CTR by buying organic traffic from reliable sources.

Before mentioning the traffic sources let me tell you the mechanism that’s used behind the scene for such Organic traffic networks.

Usually these traffic vendors will take your URL and keywords that you want to rank for. Then they will generate Google search with the given keywords and will intentionally click on your website so that your average CTR can bump up compared to other sites ranking for the same term.

When it comes to operating this task, some vendors do use advanced script that does the search and makes the click just like a normal Google user. On the other hand, some traffic provider crowdsource the task from thousands of people from around the world.

I hope you know why those apps and websites exist that say “You can make money just by surfing web and clicking.”

Let’s come to the point, as a blogger, affiliate marketer, or SEO service provider my goal is to rank higher as fast as I can, the same thing goes for you if you are any of these. With saying that, let me introduce the organic traffic providers that will help you to increase CTR and rank faster on Google.

1. SERP Empire

SERP Empire is one of the best providers to buy organic traffic due to the fast delivery rate and other features like controlling bounce rate, mobile or desktop traffic, country, time on page etc. Pricing of SERP Empire is pretty straight forward which starts from only $99 for 100 daily search traffic from 50 different keywords of your choice. This provider uses advanced scripts to perform the Google search and make the click from your desired location. Based on the benefits you can rip off from SERP Empire I can easily say just try out this organic traffic provider. Did I mention that you can run 5 organic search per day campaign for free?

Full control over trafficCan’t find link after 3rd SERP
Fast delivery
Easy to setup campaign
Bitcoin payment available

2. SERPClix

SERPClix is another expert player when it comes to providing organic visitors. This traffic network works on crowdsource based theory, when you will start any campaign for traffic, SERPClix will distribute the task to thousands of people around the world who are willing to earn a few cents by search and clicking on your website’s link. Thus, you will get real human visitors as the organic traffic from Google. However, this method sometimes may occur issues such as late delivery or natural errors made by humans. Pricing of SERPClix starts from $147 for 500 real human traffic per month. The best part about this network is that it works for Google maps and images as well.

Organic traffic by real humanLate delivery
Works for ranking on MapsLess control
Country restriction featureExpensive

3. Organic Visit

Organic Visit is the cheapest organic traffic provider of this list, for which I was skeptical in the beginning. After I did the research I came to know that this traffic network provides both generic traffic and keyword targeted traffic which is script generated. You can start with only $21 per month for a total of 60K monthly traffic or you can select any of the “Pay As You Go” packages which start at only $15. You can start with one day trial to check if this organic traffic network suits your need or not.

Affordable plansTraffic quality issue
Good delivery rateSome traffic may bounce
Control over traffic

Improving CTR is vital for ranking up on Google or any other search engine due to the positive signal it provides to the algorithm. You can simply buy organic traffic and reach the desired ranking position or you can wait and pray for getting more clicks, that’s your personal choice.

Need to mention that, make sure you have a basic idea about keyword volume and search traffic ratio which will be helpful for you to get fast results. For example: Suppose, a keyword has a monthly search volume of 800 which means (800/30) = 27 searches per day. You have to acquire more than 35% traffic to secure the top position for that keyword. Hence you need to set your campaign at least for 10 daily organic traffic for that particular keyword.

What are you waiting for? Let’s rank and bring in massive organic traffic from Google.

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