10KHits Review

10KHits Review 2022: Is this Traffic Network still Alive?

10KHits is of the oldest players in the field of traffic generating networks which is still on track where else most of it’s friends died on the way. This 10KHits review article will enlighten you about how this old grandpa of traffic networks is surviving till now.

Let’s start 10KHits review

Traffic Volume

Starting from 2011 10KHits is still delivering good amount of traffic to all the active traffic projects under it’s dashboard. Though, officially there is no declaration or statistic on how much traffic it drives, based on my background research the number is over 100 million per month.

So, the amount of traffic you want to get from this network will never be the point of concern as you can have access to millions of instant hits just by registering to this network.

Type and Quality of Traffic

As I am brutally honest about my reviews, this is the weakest part of 10KHits. When this network started back in 2011 at that time the quality of traffic was quite good but due to improved technology, high demand of quality and high diversification lots of new traffic network took the market by storm but 10KHits stayed where it was.

This resistance to change and quality improvement legged this network way behind of the best networks like SparkTraffic and Babylon Traffic.

So here is my straight suggestion, if you are on very low budget and quality doesn’t matter much for you then go for 10KHits, else chose the best one from this list of top traffic networks.

Pricing and Plans

10KHits review and Pricing

As mentioned above 10KHits charges very less for their plans which starts with a completely free plan. Paid monthly subscriptions start at $10 per month. You can also buy one time traffic package which starts at only $7 for 50 hits. That’s how cheap this network is!

Control Over Traffic

10KHits is decent at providing you control of your traffic but not much suitable from my opinion. You can select the duration, hit per hour and GEO location which is limited to USA, France, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

User Experience

Despite being so old and having average quality of traffic, dashboard is what I liked the most. The interface of 10KHits is pretty modern and of good taste as well as very easy to use.

This is a clear indication that, 10KHits invested good amount of time and money in designing the interface. I wish they did they same for improving traffic quality and all over business policy.

Customer Support

Honestly, I never contacted their customer support department because I didn’t face any such problem which needed experts hand. As per mentioned on the website the team is ready to help you 24 hours which is quite promising.

Payment Methods

10KHits got a strong ground in the payment section due to 30 days money back guarantee which is in another way of saying “You will definitely love our service”. You can easily check out using Paypal or major crypto currencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum.

End decision is always yours!

My job is to inform your about the strengths and weakness through this 10KHits review article. Now it’s upon you to try out this network for free or switch to another one based on your need.

No matter what you decide, I would love to know about your experience with any traffic network you have used in the past or using now. So, my comment section is always open for you to share your story.

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