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11 Best Traffic Bots to Get Instant Traffic [Update 2021]

Traffic bots are an integral part of the online traffic cycle, though most of us are not aware of this. Bots are created for different purposes and do their work accordingly, such as Google uses bots to discover new sites, Ahrefs uses bots to collect site’s data, GTmetrix uses bots to gather server and site’s loading information and so on.

However this article is focused on website traffic bots which will drive page views to your site. Traffic bots are helpful for many reasons such as ranking up your site on several matrices such as Alexa, showing live traffic stats to gain user’s trust, checking server’s capability, increasing time on site, reducing bounce rate etc. Even traffic bot is used to do stress test on server and website to measure the capability.

Before moving to the list of some high quality traffic bot networks, let me answer some commonly asked questions.

Are traffic bots illegal?

Traffic bots are not illegal unless you are getting it from any unethical method such as hacked sites or dark web market. Traffic bot has its own use case which ranges from improving web rank metrics to doing stress tests for server quality assurance. Even giant companies like Google, Ahrefs, SEMRush etc do use bot to crawl and index new pages from internet.

How do bots generate traffic?

Bots are basically automated script which run on a remote cloud server to generate traffic to specific website. Developers create programs that visit the assigned page or website with mentioned behavior like time on site, geo location, device etc.

How can you detect bot traffic?

Bot traffic can be detected very easily with little bit of experience and some knowledge. Usually, low quality automated bot traffic is generated from ugly looking domains such as, etc. However, if you purchase traffic from below mentioned sources, it would be little bit hard because they blend naturally with your traffic. In this case you need to monitor you traffic regularly and be sure upon any visible traffic spike. On top of that, crawler bot from Google, Ahrefs can be detected by looking at multiple visit from same IP with similar duration.

List of Best Traffic Bots in the World

These bot tools are able to drive millions of traffic every single day, so get ready to burn your website with an immense amount of visitors.

1. BabylonTraffic


BabylonTraffic is the most reliable traffic bot on this list, it has proved its capability by driving millions of high quality and targeted traffic to its user’s websites. This tool will allow you to choose traffic source types, keywords and even cities from where your website will get traffic. BabylonTraffic can help you to achieve a good Alexa rank, lower bounce rate, high page sessions etc by driving diversified traffic from every corner of the world. Based on your need, you can customize your traffic campaign to get organic traffic, keyword targeted traffic, referral traffic and so on. You can instantly set up your account on Babylon Traffic and start driving visitors.

2. SparkTraffic


This single traffic bot is driving over 200 million traffic to 120 thousand different websites every day. YES, I said every single day. Hence, this tool has become the go-to traffic source even for several multi-million dollar valued eCommerce sites. If you really want to drive massive traffic to your site from today, then stop thinking and try our SparkTraffic. The best part about this traffic generator tool is that it accepts payment via Bitcoin and has a pretty good refund policy. So, you are secured and safe in every way.

3. HitLeap


HitLeap is one of the oldest and highly trusted traffic bot tools that is helping websites to get thousands of traffic every day since 2011. This tool is pretty consistent about its services and does little to no marketing. You can drive traffic from sources like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc and set the time duration for decreasing the bounce rate of your website. HitLeap is proudly serving over a million websites every day.

4. RankBoostUp

RankBoostUp is more than just a traffic bot software. This tool aims to boost up your website’s rank on search engines by generating Facebook fans, Twitter followers. Instagram followers along with massive amounts of traffic. You can generate website traffic based on time duration not just based on the number of hits. Apart from different sources, keywords, time duration you can also choose mobile traffic to get better ranking results for mobile users.

5. TrafficApe


TrafficApe is very straight forward and simple to use bot traffic generator. The number of traffic this tool can drive is very limited due to its low user base but it can track the traffic, view, impressions, CPC etc very precisely for analysis.



TraffBoost is a traffic bot software with over 100,000 active users. You can get both direct visits and ad banner based visits from this growing traffic network which it has generated over 100 million traffic so far.

7. VeryTraffic

You can have great control over the traffic such as source, duration, bounce rate, device type etc while using VeryTraffic to get traffic to your websites. Traffic of this network is limited to 6,000 hits per month per user. Maybe they will increase the limit in the future but the quality of traffic is great without any doubt.

8. Visitor Boost

Visitor Boost is a part of the same network that belongs to SparkTraffic. Hence, the quality of traffic and the pricing of the tool is pretty similar to its main traffic bot. Maybe the team behind these tools have a big plan to serve more users, hence they are providing services via multiple web traffic generating bots.

9. 10kHits

10KHits is also one of the oldest traffic bot tools that were started in the same year as HitLeap. This tool is pretty good at driving traffic within a short time but lack of control over the traffic made it stay at the bottom of this list. However, if you are looking for cheap traffic then this is what you do need but remember cheap things come with cheap quality. Hereby saying quality, I am referring to the lack of control over the traffic sources of this traffic bot software.

10. Traffic Creator

Traffic Creator calls itself the most advanced traffic bot generator with tons of control over the traffic such as session duration, bounce rate, country, language, device and more. On top of that you can also play with traffic sources such as direct, from referrals, organic etc. So, if you are looking for monthly subscription-based traffic then try out Traffic Creator. You can also try out 2,000 free traffic from them before purchasing your final plan.

11. LinkCollider

LinkCollider is one of the oldest players in the field of web traffic generation. It’s not just a top traffic bot but a full system to drive massive traffic from different sources which are generated by both machine and real human. Apart from web traffic, you can get massive social signals, video views, shares and a lot more from this single traffic network.

No matter how much traffic you want to get per day to your website, these traffic bots are capable of doing that. However, you need to make sure these tools are moving your project toward the goal you have chosen. In case, you are not satisfied with a tool, try another one until you find the perfect traffic bot that suits your goal.

If I have missed any important point which I shouldn’t then please inform me via sending Email or just by writing a comment. I will try my best to make a reply and update the content as soon as possible.


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