5 Types of Contents Every Blog Needs to PUBLISH!

Millions of articles are being published every single day. Why should someone visit your blog and read your content?

You can’t force anyone to do so but you can design your content to attract different kinds of people and make them serve your purpose. Just like a single type of medicine can’t heal us from different types of diseases; a single type of content can NEVER serve all the purposes of growing a blog from 0 to 1,000 readers per day.

Hence, this blog post is dedicated to 5 different types of contents that will take your blog from ZERO to HERO level.

Here goes those 5 spicy sauces for your blog…

#1. Content for Monetization

Though most of the people start blog as a hobby, a good chunk of those blogs become businesses and source of livelihood. In addition, thousands of blogs are being started for making money and to live a laptop lifestyle. That’s why monetization is necessary to keep a blog and the blogger on the track.

So, make sure you are creating content to monetize your blog. What types of contents? It depends, on your way of monetization. You can earn via, product affiliation, sponsored content or even via selling your own products.

Depending on your monetization type, regularly publish contents that will boost your income such as best list contents, product review contents, product tutorial contents, deal based contents etc.

#2. Content for Viral Traffic

At this stage, you are ready to shoot your money making contents, right? But who is going to read those? No one knows you, at least at the beginning. Remember those days? When “Gangnam Style” song was everywhere from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram to random people’s lips. That’s how viral content works!

Let’s be more realistic about viral content regarding blogging. There are often content from top SEO and IM sites hangs on Facebook feed due to being shared by someone from our friend list. Just visualize, 10-15 people share your last blog post on Facebook which will bring in hundreds if not thousands of new eyeballs for your content. Can you see how far you can go with such viral content?

Is there any certain way to go viral? Nah, no one knows when a content will be hit till it goes viral. However, you can try our most common practices to make your content viral.

Simply follow these two rules,

  1. Create Trendy Content: When a topic is trending any mediocre content can bring in thousands of readers due to being high demand and less supply. Hence, you need to be a fast mover to take advantage of the trending topics in your niche.
  2. Create Controversial Content: Controversy always ignites spark in any community. No matter it’s about “Content vs Backlink” or about the reality of moon landing; people are more likely to read and share controversial stuffs.

#3. Content for Links

Just think of last time you linked to someone’s blog or any web page in your blog post, what was the reason? what factors did you look upon before creating the link? Simple, you wanted to make your blog content more credible and valuable for your readers. To server the purpose, you linked to something that’s credible, resourceful or very interesting. Isn’t it?

You can play by the same rule to attract more editorial links for your blog. Why? Because more links are required to push your blog to the next level.

Contents that are equipped with research data, big bucket of resources, breakdown of any complex topic, case study of any accomplishment, unique story of your life, detail of any experiment etc. are treated as link magnet.

#4. Content for Authority

Let’s ask yourself, what is authority? In short, it’s the trust level in a specific topic in the mind of your targeted audience. It’s not Domain Authority by Moz, which is worthless for now.

Gaining authority is fun but a little bit time-consuming. Get to know about the existing authentic person or entities of your industry and build network with them. How? Interview them on your blog, publish content just like an insider, go for content collaboration and get yourself on News or Magazines by creating a strong network with editors.

Looking for ways to gain authority without networking with others? It’s possible but requires more hard work. Publish great contents as guest author on credible online sources or publish a research paper.

Building authority is always time consuming and takes little bit more work than usual. However, every bit of your work will pay off in the long run.

#5. Content for Relevancy

Do you know? Majority of the blogs write on surface level topics.

Why? While doing keyword and content research most of the bloggers use the same technique and tools which end up giving the same result.

You need to walk the extra mile and dig deeper manually in order to find out small gems that really matter to your blog readers. You need to keep yourself in the shoe of your readers and feel in the same way so that you can come up with new and creative contents that will really solve the issue of your readers.

More in-depth contents will make your blog more relevant as well as credible within the space.

Simple concepts, isn’t it? Still most of the bloggers struggle to design their contents to reach their goals just because they don’t visualize the end result of their contents. Just writing and publishing contents is not enough to grow your blog, you need to be strategic and publish contents to accomplish a purpose that will gradually take you closer to your next milestone.

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