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13 Best Affiliate Link Trackers [2021]

Running affiliate program campaigns without tracking the clicks, visits, sources, destinations etc is like driving a car while closing your eyes. You will move forward for sure but who knows in which way, towards death or destination.

Affiliate links tracker is an essential weapon for the affiliate marketers who promote products from different vendors and networks. The most difficult part is to track the traffic sources, sessions, setting up re-targeting pixel, cross targeting, spam traffic detection, customizing URLs, link redirection, monitoring visitors link journey etc.

To make these complex tasks easier and faster I am introducing the best affiliate link trackers which provide reliable data and user-friendly dashboard to work on.

List of Best Affiliate Link Trackers

#1. Replug


Replug is all-in-one fit affiliate link tracker that you can use via your custom domain or with existing sub-domains. This is a great link tracking tool for both beginners and professional affiliate marketers who want to keep eye on every single link that’s hitting the landing page. You can also use Replug as a link shortener or social bio link (for Instagram) that comes with advanced tracking analytics which is crucial for increasing ROI. In addition, Chrome extension makes the job easier to create a trackable link on the go. Don’t believe me? Try out the tool for free.

#2. Voluum


Voluum is kind of the big fat daddy in the field of affiliate link tracking which is use by many 6-figure marketers. However, the only issue is the subscription fees that starts at $69 per month and hence most of the beginners can’t afford to get the taste of this advanced link tracking software. If you have no issue with budget the surely Voluum must be your first choice for tracking your links toward the money-making landing pages.

#3. Thrive Tracker

Thrive Tracker

Artificial Intelligence driven auto optimization is the core benefit that comes with Thrive Tracker. You can easily scale up any affiliate marketing campaign with your team using this world class affiliate link tracking software and the amazing team behind it. Thrive Tracker is kind of a budget friendly tracking tool that starts with $35 per month plan and even comes with a free 14 days trial.

#4. Trackier


Trackier is mostly an enterprise-level cloud-based affiliate link tracking tool that starts with a BIG price tag ($299 per month). So, unless you own an agency to promote affiliate products you don’t need this. Even if you don’t pay this huge monthly bills, you can check out the ‘Case Studies‘ tab to learn more about successful affiliate marketing campaigns and inspire yourself.

#5. Click Meter

Click Meter

Click Meter is one of the oldest players that comes with all the standard features that you might need to track and analyze your affiliate links properly. You can also monitor broken links, fraud clicks etc along with sharing the whole data with your client, partner or team-mates. Due to being an old company, it has been used by over 100,000 individuals and businesses.

#6. AnyTrack


AnyTrack is more than a link tracker, it’s a complete analytical tool to monitor and analyze your full campaign from multiple channels. It mostly fits for agencies or big affiliate marketers who run campaigns on multiple channels like PPC, display ads, Social Media, Native ads, blog etc. and want to monitor the all the campaigns from a single dashboard.

#7. Link Trackr

Link Trackr

Link Trackr is pretty good deal if you are on paid ads and want to monitor every single aspects of your campaign and affiliate links. You can do some crazy stuffs with this tool such a setting click limits to your affiliate links, redirecting based on GEO location, expiring links automatically and so on. Yah, you can also integrete Link Trackr with Google Analytics for full tracking data of your landing page or website.

#8. Geniuslink


Amazon is the largest affiliate program in the world which comes with very strict rules and limited features. Genius link is here to ease your work for getting customized Amazon affiliate link, tracking data, multinational redirection, broken link detection etc. Apart from Amazon, you can also use Genuislink from tracking your affiliate links of eBay, NewEgg etc.

#9. RedTrack


Most of the affiliate link tracking tools come with a limited campaign and action tracking feature. However, RedTrack is fully functional tracking software for affiliate marketers that allows unlimited campaigns and conversion tracking. However, RedTrack is more suitable for agencies than any individual with a limited budget.

#10. JotURL


JotURL is a quick and simple solution for link shortening, link tracking and conversion rate optimization for affiliate marketers. You can create custom branded deep links to improve CTR as well as organize your links based on campaigns. Though JotURL is relatively new and has small user base, you can get started just for 7 euro per month for up to 3 team members.


Trck is very simple forward tool for tracking affiliate links and monitoring conversion. You will get all the standard tracking features within a single and easy to use interface. In addition, you can use the API of Trck to transfer the data automatically to your own proprietary app or web tool.

#12. Improvely


Improvely can be used as your master dashboard for all the ad campaigns in Google Adword, Facebook, Native ad platforms, Display ad platforms and so on. You can monitor and analyze all the aspects of your links that are landing on your affiliate product pages. Moreover, you can use it as white label tracking tool while running affiliate campaigns for your clients.

#13. Switchy


Switchy is a new link tracking and shortening tool with cool feature like pixel retargeting on cross platforms. All the standard link tracking features such as real time analytics, conversion optimization, link redirection etc are available on Switchy.

Affiliate link trackers can make or break any campaign based on how accurate and actionable the data are. Hence, it’s pretty important tool for any affiliate marketer who mostly relies on paid marketing channels for driving traffic to affiliate products or landing pages.

Make sure you are choosing the best affiliate link tracker tool that meets your need and fits within your budget. If I missed any awesome tracking software then please do mention the name via comment.


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