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13 Best Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses (2024)

Around 83% of the total world’s population have smartphones and they use social media more than any other app. At the present, most businesses are acquiring customers and making transactions via social platforms which is why hiring social media managers became crucial for business growth.

Social media management requires attention, up-to-date knowledge, and an understanding of the user’s mindsets to reach more potential customers. In order to make social media management efficient and effective, there are numerous tools that are very popular among the social media managers. Though all the below mentioned tools have the standard features like scheduling posts, managing captions, posting on different social profiles, getting performance analytics etc but every tool has its own strength which you will find by reading detail of each.

You might get confused about which tool to use for your business. To make it easy for you, here goes our hand-picked list of the best social media management tools for small business.

1. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is one of the Best Social Media Management Tools

ContentStudio is a powerful tool that comes with a content discovery feature that can help you to find relevant contents to keep your audience engaged on social platforms. A number of articles on different niches are suggested by the tool which you can share on your social media to keep your audience tuned with your channel.

But what if you want to give article posts a next-level look? Don’t worry then. ContentStudio has image editors like Canva and Vista create through which you can design interesting graphics.


  • Find social media influencers in any field
  • Spy on influencer’s and competitor’s strategy
  • Save most used replies to avoid repetition
  • Fast and Easy content sharing with the chrome extension


  • Facebook stories, Instagram stories, and Tik Tok are not available
  • Customer support might be slow

Pricing of ContentStudio starts at only $25 per month but you can…

2. PromoRepublic


PromoRepublic helps you know your customer feedback through their reviews, gathered from around 130+ sites. Get to know which type (positve or negative) of reviews they are giving to your service. In addition, PromoRepublic is very powerful at getting data for local businesses and manage social postings from a single dashboard.

To leverage your following, this tool informs you about the sentiments of your audience through their mentions across social media platforms so you will what they are talking about your content. Do they like your posts or not?


  • Perform local SEO for more exposure among local areas
  • Monitor all activities of multiple locations and social profiles from a single dashboard
  • Create local citations and directories
  • Get ideas about which type of content to post (motivational, educational, humorous, etc)
  • A vast number of customizable templates, especially for events


  • Only supports the English language
  • Edit and use the available templates since there is no option to create a new one

Pricing of PromoRepublic starts at $59 per month but you can…

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social assists you in delivering professional and timely customer service to the consumers along with posting eye catching social posts. When you respond to the users just after they message you, they are more likely to get satisfied and convinced by your services.

On Instagram, you can add a visual and clickable landing page in the bio to showcase your website.

Targeted advertising campaigns can also be done along with constant monitoring to make any necessary changes in the plan.


  • Find and reach relevant audiences according to their age, location, gender, and much more specifications
  • Publish content right from the mobile
  • Create chatbots that give 24/7 customer support


  • It doesn’t deal with the Arabic language
  • Data analytics are limited

Pricing of Sprout Social starts at $99 per month but you can…

4. Later


Other than usual social media posting, this tool gives the option to add link in your bio with modifications to drive more traffic and conversions to your business.

Top and relevant hashtag suggestions on the basis of their performance is another advantage you can get from this tool, just add them to your posts, get found by the users, and acquire additional traffic.


  • Manage Instagram reels, schedule them, and view performance data
  • Get AI-generated captions
  • Track the conversions from different links


  • Instagram stories cannot be edited

Pricing of Later starts at $18 per month but you can…

5. CoSchedule


If you have a website, you can share content directly, from your site to the social media through CoSchedule. Very beneficial when you are short on time.

In addition to that, it has a chrome extension that allows you to write proposed headlines whenever you are on the internet, even on WordPress.


  • CoScehdule has a special feature Headline studio that suggests SEO-optimized headlines by combining synonyms and high-volume keywords
  • It shows you 25 versions of a single headline
  • The calendar can be modified, you can add or remove some options
  • Get suggestions about the topics that are more appealing to your audience.


  • Cannot select thumbnails for video posts
  • Previewing of the post is not possible

Pricing of CoSchedule starts $39 per month but you can…

6. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is another addition to the best social media management tools for small business that is ideal for managing all of your conversations from a single place. You can receive and reply to the messages, reviews, comments, etc. Emojis and Gifs can also be added to make conversation informal and fascinating.

In addition to that, this tool provides deep analytical data about your performance by which you can understand your strategy more straightforwardly.


  • 500 posts can be scheduled in a calendar at a time
  • CTA can be added and customized for each post
  • Youtube videos and shorts can be shared on your feed directly, with the option of thumbnail editing


  • You’ll have to edit each post individually for every channel
  • Hashtags cannot be saved and have to be entered every time

Pricing of SocialPilot starts at only $30 per month but you can…

7. Sendible


Sendible performs the function of a basic social media management tool that recommends different types of content which you can publish on your channels to get followers. The posts can be edited and designed by an image editor which also provides the option to create graphics for the blog.

To help you get the attention of your target audience, Sendible tracks competitor’s mentions so that you can participate in the conversation and spread your brand awareness where possible.


  • Measure hourly/daily response time to make your service stronger
  • Detailed profile information of the follower
  • On the basis of analytics, it tells you which platform suits your business. Earn more traffic by confining to certain platforms


  • IGTV (long videos on Instagram) cannot be posted
  • Unable to schedule Tik Tok and other short videos

Pricing of Sendible starts at only $29 per month but you can…

8. Buffer


Buffer emphasizes content engagement and conversations. Good customer service is what they focus on most due to the fact that it saves your time by spotting the primary messages for you so that you can reply only to those who actually need to be.

In this way, you will hardly miss any important message from your audience and they will be satisfied with your service.


  • Suggests the best content type (visual, text, video, link) to help you get organic reach
  • Notify you about comments you haven’t replied yet
  • It identifies the sentiments (question, negative response, comment) of a message itself


  • The feature of cropping a picture is missing
  • Instagram posts and Tik Tok can only be published through reminders

Pricing of Buffer starts at only $6 per month for each channel but you can…

9. Crowdfire

Crowdfire being another tool that can be considered as one of the best social media management tools, provides special services. This includes the management of Youtube, Shopify, or Etsy store, and your blog posts.

If your business is more active on these platforms then crowdfire should be your priority since any blog that is posted on your website or any video that is uploaded on your youtube channel will appear here and you can do sharing on social media with just one click after making some changes in the posts for each platform.


  • Crowd fire recommends you to like and follow some specific people which increases your following
  • You can add clickable links to your posts
  • It recommends high quality images with certain hashtags


  • In the free version, Pinterest is not added
  • Google my business cannot be connected

Pricing of Crowdfire starts at only $9.99 per month but you can…

10. HootSuite

Hootsuite is by far the most famous social media management tool that provides key features to schedule your posts for multiple accounts. It keeps you updated about the content that has gained much more volume than other ones, to help you know what content your audience likes.

You can also snoop on your competitor, your customer, and trends to make viral and trendy content and stand out from the competition.


  • Its free version allows you to schedule 30 posts/month
  • Plan a post even months ahead
  • Data about customers needs are also provided


  • Only one user in a professional package and 3 in a team package which may be costly for small businesses
  • Unable to schedule Instagram reels

Pricing of HootSuite starts at only $49 per month but you can…

11. Pallyy

Pallyy is an affordable social media management tool whose interphase makes it less complicated to use. A significant quality of Pallyy is that you can save posts in drafts while editing which doesn’t let your efforts go wasted when you have to leave the work before completion.

Its free version allows you to publish 15 posts/month on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google my business, Pinterest, and Tik Tok.


  • Its premium version is so affordable in which you can do unlimited posting
  • You can select the size of posts (square, landscape, portrait, etc)
  • Have a look at what pages your followers are visiting on LinkedIn
  • Thumbnail can be selected from inside the video


  • Pallyy doesn’t run smoothly on a mobile phone
  • Images in PNG format cannot be used

Pricing of Pallyy starts at only $15 per month but you can..

12. SocialBee

SocialBee provides common management activities like post scheduling and sharing along with captions, hashtags, and emojis. It helps you reach relevant followers to which you can convey your brand message, so then, they will be more likely to follow you.

Another great advantage provided by this tool is that you can divide your content into different categories, even you can make calendars categorically. Analytics about which category performed well are also available.


  • Create various versions of a post
  • Set the number of how many times a post has to be published and then expire
  • Zapier, Buffer, and Hootsuite are integrated
  • Its Concierge services include social media marketing and management that are provided by its team at a specific cost
  • Chrome extension to save articles you like


  • This tool might be a little confusing to use
  • UI is not updated as other tools

Pricing of SocialBee starts at only $19 per month but you can…

13. AgoraPulse

Agorapulse is another convenient business page management tool that helps you control your conversations even from your mobile. Reply to comments, messages, and reviews, wherever you are.

These messages are received in chronological order (time-wise). So that you can identify which one to focus on first.


  • Facebook and Instagram profile management
  • Label messages to get to the main ones
  • Design video thumbnails


  • This tool is quite glitchy and has some bugs
  • Twitter’s engagement data is not available

Pricing of AgoraPulse starts at only $99 per month but you can…

Just done with the list of best social media management tools for small business. Every tool has its own benefits along with some disadvantages but is created to lessen your burden. Have a look at the pros and cons of the tools and decide which one suits perfectly for your small business.

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