LikesPlanet Review

LikesPlanet Review 2022: Real or Fake Social Shares?

Social Networks are the ocean of traffic, users, readers, leads and buyers whatever your website or blog needs. In most cases we need to pay the network like Facebook or Twitter to promote our posts which is pretty expensive and this cost is going up day by day.

In this LikesPlanet review article I will be sharing insights of this amazing cross platform based social sharing network from which you can get social promotion for free. Though you need to do some works to get free promotions, in case you have no time or not interested in putting upfront works then you can pay little fees to get massive social promotion from LikesPlanet.

LikesPlanet is mostly expert in delivering Facebook likes, Facebook page fans, Facebook link shares, Twitter tweets, Twitter Followers, YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, Instagram followers, Pinterest followers and so on.

Let’s Start LikesPlanet Review

Network Size and Activities

No matter which social sharing network you want to use, you need to be aware of the total number of users of that network. If the number of users is low then it will be complete waste of time because you won’t get enough social shares from that network.

LikesPlanet is a network of over half a million users and it’s growing by 20,000 users every day. In case of activities, this social sharing network has delivered over 253 Million social activities which is just WOW!

Quality of the Users

Quality matters everywhere at the end of the day because it will ensure your growth and all over performance. As you know 20,0000 members are joining every day in this network and inactive users are being removed, you can be 100% sure that the social engagements you will receive from LikesPlanet will be of high quality. However, in order to get social engagements from the fresh and new users you need to be VIP member which is highly recommend.

How it Works

LikesPlanet works very simply, You need to share other’s stuffs on your social profiles and collect points. Then you can use those points to get social shares for your stuffs. In addition, you can also redeem the points as cash which is very unique feature of this network.

Pricing and Plans

Though you can use and enjoy most of the features of LikesPlanet for free but paying few bucks will make your task even easier and faster. You can buy premium VIP membership and points from them at very cheap price. VIP member will give you priority access to social shares where you will be served before the free members.

Again, if you are not willing to collect points by sharing other’s stuff then buy some points which starts at only $4. You can easily pay with Paypal or Payza for your membership and points.

Why you Should use LikesPlanet?

LikesPlanet has the largest base of users, premium membership at low price and social sharing points at dirt cheap price. Quality, performance and readability are superior compared to other social sharing networks. Do you need more reasons? Don’t just take my words, sign up because it’s free and try out the network by yourself. This checking will take just 5-10 minutes of your time which will be definitely worthy.

Finally, we standing at the end of LikesPlanet review article and starting of your journey with this amazing social promotion network. I would love to know about your experience about this or any other social sharing platforms.

My blog’s comment section is always open for your advice, opinion, feedback and experience based stories.

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