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Increase Pageviews by 700% with these 7 Little Hacks!

Number of pageviews is a strong indicator of your website’s quality and how much people are liking it. High pageviews means that people are enjoying your contents and are willing to read more from you. In case of eCommerce, people are liking the products that you have listed and are more likely to make a purchase.

In addition, it’s one of the important factors that Google uses to determine the user experience of your site. Hence, site owners always try to increase pageviews by making the website great and useful.

This whole article is dedicated to teach you, how you can increase pageviews of your website and rank better on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yendex, DuckDuckGo etc. for more organic traffic. Let’s begin with the hacks…

Little Hacks to Increase Pageviews

#1. Use Hook

Start your article with a very attractive hook that will instantly grab all the attention from the visitor. Using hook is one of the easiest way of getting readers attention and encourage him or her to read more of your contents.

You can start with any statistic, uncommon fact, famous quote or controversial issue in order to hook the reader. If you can take over reader’s mind with first few sentences then surely he or she will read your whole content and will seek for more which will result in more pageviews.

So, keeping the visitor on your site for long time is the prerequisite of increasing pageviews. Else, whom will you drive to other pages of your website?

#2. Add Curiosity in Post Title

Title of any article can be compared to the cover title of any book. If the cover title is interesting surely the chapters will be. Same thing goes for the articles and blog posts. If the reader sees interesting title in the side bar or at the end of the article which evokes curiosity, then surely he or she will click it to read in detail. This is how, you can dramatically increase pageviews of your blog or website.

Some cool ways to add curiosity in the title are:

  • Add power words and phrases such as Surprising, Little known, Horrifying, Verified, Secret etc.
  • Suggest something specifically in the title that evokes curiosity such as “Number #7 will blow your mind”.
  • Keep something hidden such as “This small trick will ……….”. Here you are hiding something behind “This” which will create curiosity.

#3. Use Puzzled Featured Image

I am sure you have seen weird and puzzled images within the contents of big magazines, news sites and blogs like CNN, abcNews, WIRED, Independent etc. Those are native ads which come with eye catching images to get attention and clicks from the readers.

increase pageviews with featured image

You can apply the same theory for your blog posts. Use eye catching, puzzling and weird (but relevant) pictures as the featured image of your blog posts.

#4. Insert Other Related Articles

This is the easiest way to skyrocket your pageviews with simple task. Add content pause within your article and ask the reader to check other interesting articles of your blog. Mind it, I am not talking about typical internal link building. I am talking about recommending other articles while the reader is going through one of your contents.

Always try to include highly relevant article within such “Article Pause” else the visitor won’t find it interesting. In case you want example, check out the above chunk of content which is taken from one of the articles of magazine.

I am giving you a live example as well…

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#5. Use a Static Menu bar

This is pretty simple and a one time task which can boost your website’s paveviews. If your theme has the option to set static or floating menu bar then do it. In this way, visitors can easily navigate your website or blog. This ease of navigation will evoke the visitor to check more of your contents or other pages. Need successful examples? Check out Facebook, Forbes, abcNews, CNBC etc. all of them have static menu bar.

#6. Add Related Article Section

Though most of the blogs have it, it’s just a gentle reminder to use related article section in case you are missing it. You can add this section at the bottom of blog post or at sidebar.

#7. Create Sliding Content

This suggestion is not for all type of blog posts, but few type of blog posts can use this technique to 10X the pageviews. Mostly list based blog posts can use sliding contents that consist of multiple pages. To make it easier for you, check out this blog post on CBSNews which changes the page (look at the URL for noticing the change) after you click on next slide.

This single content has 22 pages which means if a single visitor checks all the images he or she alone will generate 22 page views with just one unique visit.

Mind Blowing, isn’t it?

Let me know via comment section which of the above mentioned methods worked very well for you to increase pageviews of your website or blog.

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