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Clicky Review 2020: Why I Ditched Google Analytics?

Monitoring website or blog’s traffic is a mandatory task for any webmaster, blogger or site owner. That’s where traffic analytics tools like Google Analytics plays role. However, this article not about Google Analytics, it’s a Clicky review article where I will also be sharing why I have ditched world’s most popular and free traffic monitoring tool for a less popular and paid tool.

So, What’s Clicky? Simply it’s a competitor of Google Analytics and other traffic monitoring tools that are available on the web. Clicky is most popular among it’s users due to simple and easy to monitor dashboard along with some cool and advanced features which I am going to discuss next. At this point Clicky is tracking traffic of over 1.2 million websites. Though it’s a premium analytics tool but you can try it out for 21 days without paying a dime.

Let’s dive into the…

Main Benefits of using Clicky

#1. Simple and Easy-to-use Dashboard:

May be this is No.1 reason why thousands of webmasters switched from other traffic analytics tool to Clicky.

Upon logging into Clicky you will notice this beautiful dashboard with your site names, today’s traffic stat and a graph that contains traffic data of last 28 days. You can easily change the graph based on your need and preference. Looks dark? because Clicky has dark mode (along with regular light mode) and I love it.

This view is the gem and the only reason why I have ditched Google Analytics for Clicky. That’s true! Just have a look, the amount of information you can consume, track and analyze from this single page which would take 10+ clicks in Google Analytics. Live Traffic stat, today’s real-time traffic stat, traffic sources, most visited pages, Geo traffic sources, search keywords that brought in traffic, comparison based traffic graph and what not? I will let you be the judge.

#2. Heat map tracking

Heat map used to be one of the most expensive and advanced tracking of visitor’s behavior. Not anymore, Clicky brought this high end tracking technology at such affordable price that any beginner can use and get to know how visitors are interacting with the web page or any specific article.

With the help of heap map data you can easily improve user experience and increase conversion rate. It also help to know what user’s are not understanding or not liking.

#3. Traffic Flow Monitoring

Internal linking building is a great way to improve page views, but how effectively your internal linking is working? You can easily monitor traffic flow of your website to get clear idea of which links are driving internal page views and which links are driving your visitor out of your site.

#4. Conversion Tracking

Conversion such as download, sale, lead generation etc. could be the core target of your business. There are lot’s of highly expensive tool to track conversion but Clicky has this feature at lot less price. I can’t give you live example of this feature as I am not selling or collecting leads. Just check out the goal tab and set your conversion tracking system with Clicky.

#5. Up-time Monitoring

Have you ever noticed that your website is down? Don’t worry, it happens due to several reasons but not tracking down time may cost you in the long run. You don’t need to use any 3rd party tool, because Clicky provides 1 minute interval up-time checking which means it will check your site after every one minute and if your site goes down you will be notified immediately.

It’s not the end, there are many other premium features you will enjoy as the user of Clicky.

Pricing and Refund Policy of Clicky

There are lot’s of features like heat map, conversion tracking, up time monitoring etc are not available in Google Analytics. If you dig deeper there are many other tools who are providing such advanced benefits but charging enterprise level money such as $50-$100 per month. As Clicky is made for general site owners it has pretty lucrative pricing for premium accounts which starts at the price of a coffee from Starbucks.

In case you need refund after subscribing to premium plan of Clicky, they are generous enough to refund you the money for unused period.

Customer Support of Clicky

Support from the team is most crucial when it comes to any tool or service that you are purchasing thought online. Though clicky do not support live chat but they are pretty good at providing support via Email. You can also browse the knowledge base section in order to solve your issue before contacting to the support team.

Check out Pros and Cons table of Clicky tool.

Single dashboardMetered traffic
Advanced tracking systems
Allowing sub-users
Up-time monitoring
Avoids spam traffic

Main purpose of this Clicky review tool is to en-light you about this alternate of Google Analytics which works even better. Final decision is yours weather you want to try or not.

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