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Improve Alexa Rank in 2022 (3 Proven Hacks)

Alexa is the most popular and trust worthy website ranking metric out there. You can call it the roll number of your website within web world. Who wouldn’t like to have a better ranking on the web? Surely, every website owner desire to improve Alexa rank and gain better reputation.

Apart from high reputation, better Alexa Rank will help you to get approved for many ad networks, get into press release, gain user’s trust and so on. Some people think it’s hard to improve Alexa rank, they are almost wrong because though it will take little bit of time but very easily you can have improved Alexa ranking with the proven methods I will be sharing with you within this article.

Hacks to Improve Alexa Rank

Hack #1: Claim your Website

This is the official form of approaching toward a better Alexa rank. You can claim your website to get officially certified for Alexa rank. Though, it’s not mandatory to get claimed for getting ranked but if you want to improve Alexa ranking in short time then this must be the first step.

Looking at the pricing, it’s not affordable for most of the individuals or entities to pay such fees every month hence over 90% of sites are unclaimed. If your site’s monthly traffic is within 10 Million, you can start “Certified Alexa Rank” plan just for $19.99 per month which means you will allow Alexa to track your traffic directly and give you rank based on that.

Hack #2: Get Alexa Verified Traffic

This is a more powerful but unofficial way to getting better Alexa ranking without even paying fees every month. In case you are wondering, what is “Alexa Verified Traffic”, let me explain you.

The traffic which Alexa can track and monitor is called Alexa verified traffic. Alexa can do that in two ways, one is claiming your website via Alexa and giving direct access to your traffic. Another way is via Alexa toolbar, means every visit via browser that has Alexa toolbar installed will be counted as Alexa verified traffic.

So, how to get more Alexa verified traffic? Simply by purchasing Alexa traffic from verified vendors or getting traffic from webmasters and bloggers because they usually do use the toolbar. Second option will work if your website is targeted to webmasters but most site’s aren’t. Hence, first option is the holy grail of improving Alexa ranking within short time.

You can get massive amount of verified Alexa visitors from traffic sellers like SparkTraffic or RankBoostUp.

Hack #3: Use Alexa Toolbar

This is the easiest one which is surely impact your site’s Alexa at least is someway. Click Here to install Alexa toolbar in your browser because it will count your visits as Alexa verified traffic for your website.

Every site owner love to visit his or her site many times within a single day, why not make that count as valid Alexa traffic and leverage to boost up your Alexa ranking.

That’s the end of this article, now it’s your time to take action and get result. Here goes my suggestion in a nutshell, firstly install Alexa toolbar, secondly if you can afford to pay 20 bucks per month get your certified Alexa rank plan else ignore it. Finally, try out the traffic vendors I have suggested and get their minimum traffic package which may be starts at only 10 bucks.

Hopefully, after taking these actions you will get your desired Alexa ranking within short period of time. Don’t forget to share your journey with me via comment section.

In case I have missed any important issue or made any mistake, please do inform me. If you liked this article please do share it on your social profiles, because sharing means caring.

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