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HitLeap is one of the oldest traffic generating tool out there which is still providing great service compared to its many rivals. This HitLeap review article will give you a inside look of this traffic bot software so that you can make sure is this the right tool for your website or not.

HitLeap Review Starts Here

I will be reviewing HitLeap tool just like my other traffic bot tool review article which breaks down into 7 parts or factors.

Traffic Volume:

Though it’s not mentioned clearly on their website as HitLeap is quite introvert type of company that usually do not share internal data and stats. However, by comparing this tool with others I can easily say that HitLeap is driving over 100 million traffic per day.

Type and Quality of Traffic:

HitLeap is more focused on keeping the traffic quality good rather than getting more users. You can drive traffic to your website anonymously or from popular sources like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest etc. from this traffic bot tool. In order to reduce bounce rate you can drive traffic with high time on site which will stay on your site for longer.

Based on what type of traffic you will get from HitLeap, you can easily say it’s of high quality traffic.

Pricing and Plans:

Pricing in HitLeap review

HitLeap has 3 monthly plans which are mainly separated based on traffic quality and the ability to get traffic from this tool. Regular plan (which is of course free) will give you access to standard traffic with almost no control of source. However, you can get access to high quality traffic just by upgrading your account to High and Ultra level.

Not just that, you will get up to 30,000 bonus hits per month with higher level of account and will get more slots to drive quick traffic for your websites or blogs. You can also buy extra traffic which starts at only $7 for 10,000 hits and goes up to 1,00,000 hits within a package.

Control Over Traffic:

This is where HitLeap is kind of king and moved ahead of other bot traffic generation tools. You can have very high level of control on traffic such as visit duration, GEOs, Referral source, Organic source, Social traffic source etc.

On the top of that you can limit your traffic by day or all over based on your need. HitLeap is great at giving you options on your type of traffic.

User Experience:

Dashboard in HitLeap Review

HitLeap comes with a clean and easy to use interface in any traffic bot tool I have ever came across. You can have all the option from tabs that are available on every interface. You daily hits are shown as graph on the home interface just after logging in.

Customer Support:

Honestly, I did’t need their support so much. As much as I remember I contact with them only 3 times within last 5 years. Frankly, support team isn’t that responsive as I though they would be. I took me 2-3 days to get reply from their support team.

In my opinion this is the weakest part of HitLeap which has vast space for improvement. On the top of that, they are less likely to accept any feedback from the users.

Payment Methods:

Lastly, let’s talk about the payment method which is another weak part of this great traffic generation tool. HitLeap accepts only Paypal for payment which made it harder to subscribe for many people, who are from countries where Paypal is not authorized.

To sum up this HitLeap review article, this tool needs to improve it’s support quality and add more payment methods in order to rank from good to great traffic bot from all aspects.

Did I miss any important point? Let me know via comment as well as share your experience with HitLeap.


MSI Sakib is a SEO and Digital Marketing practitioner who loves to build information based sites and rank them on Google. He does it both for himself and his clients to make full time living.

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